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Knowledge Connect Tours were set up with an objective to translate in our actions and offerings our quest for knowledge, spirit of enquiry, and engagement through exploration and discovery. Knowledge by itself is insufficient and must lead to action and applicability in life, and our choices and actions must be sustainable. We endorse this philosophy and imbibe it in everything we do and strive to ensure that it reflects in our work.
KCT connects evolving minds with an evolving and deeper knowledge of the world of education and thus, their own selves through a diverse range of tours, workshops and exchange programs.
For the educators -who are guides, gurus and emerging leaders- we have a curated set of experiences on offer. From travel, interactions & networking with our worldwide network, to systems and processes and offering a physical and digital platform with a huge audience, our events and activities come with the promise of a meaningful experience that leaves a lasting impression through and through.
With a systematic and personalised approach to pan India workshops, we understand your needs and requirements after which we customise a suitable travel experience for your brand offering the perfect blend of culture, nature, adventure and cuisine. A peek into living cultures, built spaces, and good environmental practises. This approach helps students best identify their own academic needs and visualise a future for not only their undergraduate or postgraduate education, but the rest of their lives!
We support the Gandhian belief that knowledge of and pride in your own country is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, our travel plans offer a unique and exclusive experience that touches upon our rich history and culture, a plethora of cuisines, spirituality, and breath-taking landscapes. 
The tour then move on to a wider world canvas where we help students discover and explore different parts of the world in an immersive and meaningful way.

Our travel planners ensure: 
SAFETY at all levels with constant tracking and ability to deal with emergency situations. Our resource people are trained in CPR and first aid and accessibility to good medical care at all times 
SOCIAL DISTANCING ensuring minimum physical contact as per the new guidelines, choosing stay options that are strict with sanitisation and hygiene practises , weaving in sessions on good personal hygiene and immunity boosting techniques 
COST EFFECTIVE experience to ensure that the trust you repose in us is taken very seriously RELIABLE PARTNERS with certified accreditations who understand travel and all that goes with it, who are known to prioritise your well-being first
EXPERIENCE and matched by ethics and professionalism, concepts take shape into reality with our team of experts working tirelessly towards creating a fulfilling event for you.
EXCELLENT RESEARCH in all the programs offered by our very competent team with insightful inputs from esteemed and learned members of our Advisory Committee
PASSION, zeal and commitment reflects in all our program offerings and is unmatched in the industry and the country. Superior knowledge wedded with passion gives us the ability to do what we do in a way that gives us mastery and true leadership in our field 
HUMILITY in knowing that we do not know it all and there is always more to learn. Our clients are also our best teachers and we take constructive feedback seriously so we can grow along with your needs and the ever-changing world around us.
KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS who are the leaders in their arena and have countless years of experience counselling, supporting, and encouraging students as well as designing curriculums, academic programs and provide their valuable guidance for our workshops.  
SUSTAINABILTY is at the heart of everything we do and we try to incorporate eco-friendly practises and the philosophy that ecological and social sensitivity is not an option but a way of life.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey that we hope will change the course of education nut just in India, but the world!
For further information on our partners, panel, programs and the academic calendar for 2020, please write to us at
Stay safe and take care!

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