ICAE’s strong connections with universities across the globe links students in India with universities across the globe.

Talk in-person with Admissions Officers from all over the world and choose wisely your education abroad.

The world of education is an exciting domain with ever changing dynamics where new countries, courses, universities and ever changing needs and requirements of both the students as well as the industry demand is expanding continuously.

We are here to help you realize your dreams and provide the links to get this going. Have a one to one Interaction with Admissions Officers and make an informed choice regarding your higher education in a Foreign University.

The vast canvass that is out there is what attracted ICAE to be a part of linking this blast of information. Students and parents are often confused about the mind-boggling and myriad opportunities but do not have the time or resources to explore all of them individually. ICAE steps in here and does this all and more to help make this arduous looking task simple.

We are here to link the various stakeholders to get this going.

How do we help you?

  • We help you choose your courses with the help of psychometric tests
  • We guide you to choose the best fit for yourself
  • We bring universities from across the globe to your schools
  • We organize university fairs in cities across India
  • We introduce you to admission counsellors
  • We organize academic and summer programmes at your dream universities
  • We take you on knowledge tours.
  • We help with your applications, visas and financial forms

Our future plans for you:

  • A data base on scholarships and how to get them ( in India and abroad)
  • Provide links with the industry through internships ( practical experience)