The goal of Representation at a Country Level for University is to enhance engagement, outreach, collaboration, and support for students, alumni, academic partners, and other stakeholders within India.

Country Coordinator Services

The country coordinator is responsible for managing and overseeing various activities and initiatives related to a specific country or region. The primary objective is to enhance engagement, representation, recruitment, partnerships, and support services for students and stakeholders from that country.

Student Recruitment and Outreach

  • Coordinate and implement recruitment strategies to attract students from the assigned country.
  • Represent the university at educational fairs, school visits, and other recruitment events.
  • Provide information and guidance to prospective students regarding academic programs, admissions, scholarships, and other relevant details.

Partnership Development

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies, and other organizations in the country to facilitate academic collaborations and exchanges.
  • Build and maintain relationships with alumni, parents, and various stakeholders within the country.
  • Act as a point of contact for inquiries and support for students and alumni.

Communication and Marketing

  • Contribute to the development of marketing materials targeting the assigned country, ensuring accurate and appealing representation of the university.
  • Stay informed about immigration policies, regulations, and compliance requirements related to international students from the assigned country.
  • Provide assistance and support to students in case of emergencies, issues, or concerns related to their academic and personal well-being.
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