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ICAE extends its services as a mediator between universities and other higher education organizations from around the world to potential students at their respective schools by creating a platform to facilitate a meaningful exchange of knowledge and information. With 300+ school partners in India and more than 150 educational institutions in the sub-continent,
ICAE’s student recruitment tours (SRT) have gained a lot of partners and supporters over the years.
The Student Recruitment Tours aim to provide a holistic experience to our collaborators through:
  • - Well-strategized events that create opportunity to engage in quality interactions between university representatives and students, parents as well as the school leadership.
  • - Multiple school visits per day in every city tour to optimize the time your team would spend in a particular region.
  • - Logistical planning and a yearly schedule shared with all stakeholders
  • - Exciting networking opportunities with academic counselors and stakeholders beyond the school visits
  • - Innovative annual workshops and regional conferences to create brand awareness in the higher education sector and create a lasting impact in the minds of educators as well as other business verticals in the education sector
A schedule of our SRTs in the coming academic year can be found here

August 2020

4th Student Outreach Tour Hyderabad Telangana
6th Student Outreach Tour Bengaluru Karnataka
8th Student Outreach Tour Mumbai Maharashtra
11th Student Outreach Tour Pune Maharashtra
13th Student Outreach Tour Goa Goa
14th Student Outreach Tour Goa Goa
17th Student Outreach Tour Delhi-NCR Delhi
21st Student Outreach Tour Delhi Delhi
26th Student Outreach Tour Guwahati Assam
27th Student Outreach Tour Shillong Meghalaya

September 2020

7th Student Outreach Tour Bangladesh Bangladesh
14th Student Outreach Tour Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
21st Student Outreach Tour Dubai Dubai
28th Student Outreach Tour Nepal Nepal

October 2020

5th Student Outreach Tour Agra Uttar Pradesh
6th Student Outreach Tour Meerut Uttar Pradesh
8th Student Outreach Tour Jodhpur Rajasthan
12th Student Outreach Tour Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
14th Student Outreach Tour Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
16th Student Outreach Tour Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
20th Student Outreach Tour Pilani Rajasthan


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