Educator-Student Engagement

Going above and beyond just recruitment centric activities, ICAE actively contributes to learning initiatives in the classroom. We facilitate student interactions with faculty members from leading higher education institutions (HEIs) from around the world. Not only does this further the outreach of HEIs, but it also gives them an opportunity to showcase pedagogy, rigor and academic excellence at their respective campuses. We work with schools to design innovative sessions, workshops and simulations of university classrooms to bring a multifaceted value proposition to their students. We also enable student tours to our partner institutions and provide all administrative and logistical requirements for it.
(If you would like to request a trip to a university of choice for your students or counselling cell, please free to write to us at
ICAE closely works with teachers and counsellors from partner schools and empowers them to be more impactful in their classrooms and counselling sessions. We aim to introduce teachers and counsellors to the best resources across the globe to help them achieve long- term pedagogical and career goals for their students and also contribute to boosting their reach and engagement with leaders in higher education. We not only facilitate teacher/counsellor training workshops nationwide (within and beyond schools), but also create well-curated campus visits to our partner higher education institutions globally. This is an active step towards broadening a school’s reach to well beyond their city or even country and contribute to every student’s professional development.
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